The Best Electric Fillet Knife To Clean Your Catch

Choosing an electric fillet knife while uncertain of what to look for or how to navigate through the sea of options can be daunting. Here, we give you the most essential features and honest reviews of leading products to help you choose the best electric fillet knife to suit your needs.

In this article we’ll take a look at the follow electric fillet knives:

What to Look for in an Electric Fillet Knife

There are a great many benefits to saving time and energy in all you do. Preparing a meal should be no different. The electric fillet knife can be the tool you never knew you needed as it performs with speed and precision.

An electric knife is supposed to make your task of filleting fish as simple as can be. It does the work for you as you guide the reciprocating, stainless steel blade through catch after catch.

In order to be successful in this function, the best electric fillet knife should be easy to handle, effective, and lasting.

To choose the best knife, you should consider its features and performance ratings as well as personal preferences and intended purpose. Think of the following list of features when comparing the products on our list:

Corded or Battery Operated

Corded knives are ready to go and often cheaper than their battery-powered contenders. The downfall here is that you’re limited to the places your knife can draw power from (i.e. an outlet).

While the cordless knife offers portability and free movement, you do have to maintain a decent charge if you want it to work. These are pricey in comparison and the extra parts required add weight overall.


What’s more important than the price that we pay for our stuff? Well, quality; but you have to make certain that your investment is worth every penny. Not every expensive item is advanced just as not all cheap products are duds.

However, you should still proceed with caution on anything that sounds too good to be true. This is where the reviews tell you if something is a waste or not.

Blade Length and Quality

Some brands have product models that are compatible with every blade they have to offer. Others come with only one attachment. Before you buy an electric fillet knife, make sure it’s either interchangeable in some way or it comes with the blade you desire.

This, of course, will change according to the type of fishing (or other cutting) you do. You should also contemplate the blade quality. Does it stay sharp long enough for you to get some true use out of it?

Make sure the blade itself isn’t too long, short, thick, thin, or soft. The wrong size, shape, width, or sharpness of the blade will dramatically affect your cuts and your overall opinion of an item.

Intended Purpose

Just like the manual knives, these tools are not a one-size-fits-all. You’ll have different accessories for each that serve a limited amount of purposes. Are you planning on using it for small fish or large ones? Livestock or bread? Cutting brisket or non-food items? Whatever the case, consider how it should function according to your needs.

Battery Life (if applicable)

Taking your electric knife along for the trip is both a blessing and a curse depending on whether you keep it charged. A cordless electric fillet knife is only as good as its battery life.

Keep an eye out for the charge and drain time along with the convenience or hindrance it imposes on your overall task.

Motor Power

Smaller motors require less power and therefore don’t deliver the force necessary to slice through larger pieces. A lower voltage means a weaker motor, but a larger and more powerful motor can add weight.

Some motors are strong but slow, making the knife unfit for the larger jobs that it?s advertised for.

Product Design

Consider things like safety, power, and release buttons and their location or quality. Is there an airflow design to keep it cool? Do the blades wobble or come loose? Is the cord (if applicable) too short or long?

Think of the weight and bulk of the item in your hand. Is it comfortable to hold, or does its design feel disruptive?

Essentially, an electric knife should perform like your manual fillet knife but with more precision, assistance, and energy. This video shows a comparison of manual and electric knives that may help you to make a decision based on some of the above features.

Now that you have an idea of what to look for in an electric fillet knife, take a look at our list of items below. Compare and contrast according to your own standards and use the general consensus on each to determine which is right for you!

Product Reviews

PRO Electric Fillet Knife by American Angler

American Angler’s PRO model sports a mighty motor and an 8″ blade. The company claims their 110-volt knife lasts four times as long as all other knives and delivers twice the torque.

Like all of our contenders, it’s designed with airflow technology to reduce heat retention despite hours of continuous use. The knife is compatible with all 8″ American Angler replacement blades. The true test lies in whether its powerful motor can perform under a 110V charge.


  • larger motor means more torque
  • standard 110V power
  • 8″ blade included
  • compatible with various American Angler blades
  • smooth, effortless cuts up to 50 five-pound or lighter fish
  • ventilated design to reduce heat


  • same performance as cheaper competitors
  • hot to touch after continued use
  • vent location disrupts cooling
  • large motor adds weight and bulk to handle
  • 2.6lb weight can affect proper handling
  • powerful but slow motor undermines potential
  • complementary blade is subpar
  • pricey
  • sticking trigger is a safety hazard

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Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife Combo by Rapala

Rapala offers a wide range of knives that receive praise from an equally wide variety of customers.

This battery operated combination tool comes with a 6 and 7.5″ blade, an EVA padded carrying case, and a lithium ion battery for up to 80 minutes of clean cutting. Rapala also continues to implement its anti-fatigue design for a comfortable grip.


  • 6″ and 7.5″ blades included
  • vented body design for cooling
  • works on livestock and larger fish bones
  • stays cool up to 50 fish
  • works while plugged in (not recommended but probably fine while waiting for replacement battery)
  • light 1lb weight means easy handling and speed
  • full charge gets through 50 fish easily


  • small hands may find it bulky
  • large fillets take more time due to lack of torque
  • inconveniently small safety button
  • lock/release button can stick, causing blade to fall out

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Deluxe Electric Fillet Knife AC/DC by Rapala

Our second Rapala mention is half the cost of the American Angler PRO and uses the same design features as the previously mentioned model but operates on a new level of corded power.

The Deluxe is a one-of-a-kind knife as it uses an 18′ long cord with outlet adapters to fill differing needs.

The Deluxe is said to work “wherever you are” with its 110-volt AC (wall outlet), 12-volt post clamps (automotive battery), and 12-volt lighter plug (cars, boats). The most obvious downside is going to be wanting to take it along but feeling overburdened by its many attachments.


  • blades last either several months or through several hundred fish (whichever comes first)
  • only option that offers versatile charging methods


  • not cordless, meaning limited mobility and portability
  • cheaply made accessories may need to be replaced soon and/or often
  • 110V goes out quickly and 12V is not powerful enough for larger catches
  • inconveniently placed release button

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120V Electric Knife by Mister Twister

Mister Twister’s 120V has our list’s highest voltage and cheapest price. With no batteries to charge, it comes with less weight and no carrying case.

As simple as it sounds, it has one of the highest ratings for an electric knife – probably because it resembles a manual knife while offering the boost people desire.


  • compatible with all other Mister Twister model blades
  • works great on various meats, alternative food cuts, and non-food item cuts as well


  • newer models tend to heat up quicker, don’t feel as secure, and have weaker gears
  • locking but wobbly blades
  • not made for hard bone

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Electric Fillet Knife by Rapala

Proudly produced in China and fixed with a 7.5″ blade, this standard knife gives 110 volts of motor power to its cuts. Using the tried and true relaxed-grip body with airflow technology around a lightweight frame makes it as weightless as a manual knife.

As a bonus, Rapala even includes a fillet fork to be paired with the knife.


  • performs well for light workloads
  • 7′ 110V power cord included
  • lightweight and easy to manage at 11.2oz


  • blade not built for larger loads, hoards of fish, or hours of filleting
  • 110V is not powerful enough for longevity
  • blade too thick for some small fish

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The Winner

To get the most bang for your buck, we suggest the standard Electric Fillet Knife by Rapala. With the right amount of control and the same materials used in other Rapala models, this corded knife will deliver manual fillet quality at electric fillet speed.

Though it doesn’t offer total portability, the parts are sound and it does the job it’s made to do. 110 volts of power keeps this knife right in line with the majority of others.

It delivers the same cuts in a lighter body, so you can cut for extended periods of time without worrying about drained energy or discomfort. No carrying case is needed for this simplistic tool because it only uses one accessory that lasts.

Rapala boasts the finest quality Chinese materials which seems to show in the praise given to the standard knife’s stainless steel blade. What’s more, having no need for a battery means it’s ready to go when you need it!

As an added gift, Rapala gives buyers a complementary filleting fork with this item. Though it doesn’t advertise a large motor, a carrying case, high voltage, or even alternative power methods, the easy to use design and overall performance say enough about why this one deserves to be recognized.

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