What Is The Best Saltwater Fishing Line For The serious Angler?

We are going to wade into the deep waters and take a look at the current lineup of fishing line for saltwater anglers and review the top five. We’ll take a look at braid, mono, and flouro, before making our top pick of the best saltwater fishing line.

The following are the saltwater lines that made our final list and we’ll review below:

Selecting Saltwater Fishing Line

The three biggest choices you are going to need to make when choosing the best saltwater fishing line for your setup is line type (i.e. mono vs. braid vs. fluoro), color, and strength (pound test). We’ll take a look at each of these factors to help you make an informed decision.

Mono vs. Braid – Which Is Better For Saltwater

If you ask a group of fisherman what they think is the best line for fishing in saltwater you’ll often get conflicting answers. Some swear by mono and others by braid. So what gives? Obviously people are going to have their favorites, but there is also the matter of selecting the right tool for the job. The best line for trolling may not be the best line for jigging.

According to Saltwater Sportsman, these are the best fishing lines by fishing type based on the consensus of professional fisherman they interviewed.

  • Trolling: mono
  • Live-bait fishing: mono
  • Kite-fishing: mono
  • Bottomfishing/jigging: braid
  • Fishing structure: braid
  • Casting plugs/lures (especially with spin tackle): braid
  • Fishing kelp: braid


Mono is the go-to line for may fishing applications. It has much greater stretch over braided line which can be good or bad depending on the situation. For trolling it provides shock absorption when the big game fish strikes.

Mono also costs less and tends to work well on smaller reels. However it also has a lot of memory and your line can be warped and have reduced casting distance once it has been on the reel for a while and taken the shape of your spool.

When fishing in clear water, mono is the clear winner (pun intended). It disappears in a way that braid never can, even with a fluorocarbon leader.


While stretch maybe great for trolling, it’s not so great for casting. Where braid stands out is its greater casting distance and the lack of stretch allows anglers a better chance of setting the hook quickly and properly at those longer distances.

The lack of stretch makes braid a good option for crankbaits, bottom fishing, and jigging where the extrasensitivy provided by braided line comes in handy for sensing the lightest bites.

Braid offers a smaller diameter per pound of test as compared to mono. This means more line on a smaller reel when compared to mono. In other words, you can get a lot more of the same strength fishing line on a reel when using braid.


You’re probably not going to spool a reel with fluorocarbon for deep sea fishing unless you have money to burn as it is the most expensive of the three. Though it is a good option for inshore fishing for the added sensitivity, shock absorption, and abrasion resistance. For offshore saltwater fishing, fluorocarbon is often used as a leader for braided line to help the line disappear and help the line sink a bit faster.

If you choose to go with fluoro, just make sure your knot tying skills are up to speed as some knots just don’t work well with fluorocarbon.

Line Color

There are a myriad of color choices offered by today’s fishing line manufacturers. But what is the best fishing line color for saltwater fishing?

Inshore Fishing – Bronze and green have been the go-to color for inshore fishing. They blend well with the muddy composition, green sea grass, and off colored water. They help the line disappear from your intended catch.

High visibility line can also be used in certain circumstances and depending on the anglers skills. If you are using a fluorocarbon leader before the braid it causes less of a concern of scaring off the fish.

Offshore Fishing – Line color is less important as you are going deeper and the deeper you go the more the colors fade and become less visible. Some fishermen like to use high-viz line for offshore fishing, especially when there are multiple rods onboard. It can help tell which rod gets a hit if they are each using a different color – red, yellow, and blue for instance.

Line Strength Or Weight – What Pound Test To Use For Saltwater Fishing

First some fishing line basics for those that may not be aware. The strength of fishing line is called test and the amount of stress a line can take before it breaks is measured in pounds. So for example, a 12 lb. test line can take 12 pounds of stress before it snaps. It doesn’t matter if it is braided or mono – the strength rating means the same across line types.

The biggest consideration is the species you are going after. You want a line weight that will cover the average range of the species you are going after.

Another consideration you should take into account is the line guidelines for your rod and reel. You should stay within those ratings while considering the fish you are targeting. If your small spinning reel is rated for up to 15 lb test, don’t spool it up with 40 lb test and not expect to have problems.

Best Monofilament Line For Saltwater

Momoi Hi-Catch Diamond Monofilament Line

Momoi Hi-Catch is made by Diamond Fishing Products who tout their line as being the finest mono-filament line in the world. I’m not sure if that is true or even how you’d judge such a claim, but Momoi is certainly well liked and respected for its toughness, abrasion resistance, and strength.

Their line boasts that it has a tensile strength up to 200% of stated line tests of the same diameter. Meaning they’ve developed a way to create a stronger line with a smaller diameter. Which also means you should be able to get more mono on your spool than using a thicker line which is impressive.

The line comes in four colors – hi-viz yellow, brilliant blue, super clear, and orange crush depending on your needs. It comes in spools of 12 lb test up to 200 lb test for those doing offshore fishing for the bigger game fish.

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Berkley Trilene Big Game

If you are looking for a saltwater mono line that is known for its reliability, strength, and value then Berkley Trilene Big Game would be a good option to consider. It is one of the most popular brands of fishing line in North America for good reason. It is a tough and abrasion resistant line that can stand up to rough objects. It’s is also designed with controlled stretch that provides shock resistance when that big fish strikes.

With a very competitive price compared to other lines of this caliber it takes the top of many anglers must have list. It comes in a variety of colors including clear, blue, green, and brown. Pound Test ranges from 8 – 130 lbs.

Some people have commented that this line has lots of memory and there are some better lines out there for casting.

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Best Braided Saltwater Fishing Line

Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line

Power Pro has been one of the big names in braided fishing line for years. Their Spectra Fiber is their premiere braid that is treated with a proprietary Enhanced Body Technology that makes for a more sensitive, round, and smooth line.

They offer the line in a variety of colors – clear, blue, green, red, moss, and hi-viz yellow. The strength ranges from 3 to 250 lb test.

Power Pro provides top quality fishing line at a very good value.

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KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line

Another great option to look at in the braided category is KastKing’s SuperPower. It makes high strength line with smaller diameters. Braid is already great at getting more line on a reel than using mono so having it in a smaller diameter means you can get even more line spooled up.

It is known to be highly abrasion resistant which is handy if you fish around rocks, jetties, or other inshore obstacles. It also offers no stretch which makes this line verys sensitive and great for setting the hook quickly.

This is a very low memory line which will help with making better and longer casts and resist wind knots.

The line comes in hi-viz yellow, low-viz gray, blue, green, and a multicolor line.

Line strength is from 6 – 150 lb test.

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SpiderWire Ultracast Invisi-Braid Superline Fishing Line

SpiderWire has made a name for itself as one of the most popular braid manufacturers. The Ultracast series is their premium fishing line. Invisi-Braid is named for its translucent and nearly invisible look – at least to the fish, to us humans it looks white.

It’s a smooth line that is thin, sensitive, and strong. It only comes in one color, translucent. Weights range from 6 – 80 lb test.

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As we said at the start of the review, there is no one perfect choice in the mono vs. braid debate. So we are going to make two picks, one for each category.

After taking a look at the various braid options available,our pick for the best saltwater fishing line is KastKing SuperPower braided line. It is strong, durable, sensitive, and low memory. It has a variety of line colors and weights so it is good for a variety of inshore and offshore fishing needs.

Our pick in the mono category is the Momoi Hi-Cast Diamond. A thin diameter high strength line that is very abrasion resistant makes this our choice. While Berkley Big Game offers a great value for the money, it had too many people comment on it’s high memory which can lead to problems casting. Spending a little more to minimize that problem seems like the right choice to make.

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