The Best Saltwater Tackle Boxes

So, you’re ready to fish and you’ve checked your rod and reel. What about your tackle box? It’s something that gets overlooked far too often, but it’s important to have the best saltwater tackle box to take your fishing adventure to the next level. The following guide and reviews should help you find the right one for your next trip.

Here are the five tackle boxes we’ll be looking at in the reviews:

Saltwater Tackle Boxes – Buying Guide

Choosing a tackle box requires a good deal of thought and research as not all boxes are designed the same. Some work best for certain weather conditions, while others are based on your fishing level and just how much space you actually need. Here are some considerations to keep in mind that will help you choose the best saltwater tackle box for your needs.

Amount of Storage

It goes without saying that a proper tackle box has enough storage, but take care that you get an appropriate box that meets your personal storage needs. Some may not require much, so a smaller tackle box may be in your best interest as it won’t overwhelm you.

If you do plan on bringing numerous of tools and gear on your trip, then search for boxes with not only large compartments, but several of them on the exterior and interior. There should be a healthy number of pockets, zippered and slip, so that you can pack up everything including the small accessories.

Also, check that the tackle box can house your larger tools such as knives safely. It should be relatively easy to actually pull these tools out as well, which is where slip pockets and mesh pockets can come in handy.


Your tackle box isn’t just used to transport all the gear you’ll need, but it also needs to make reaching that gear a simple process. Without organization, your items will just be thrown about the box, forcing you to waste precious fishing time digging around your tackle box for your lure or tools.

So, when looking at tackle boxes, consider the compartments. There should be a good level of compartments or dividers that keep certain gear in their respected places. Versatile storage options help with organizing everything as well. Some boxes feature adjustment levels and removable trays. Keep these options in mind in accordance to how much gear you’re planning on loading up.


Even if you’re just carrying the tackle box to your boat and sitting it right down, it should still be easy enough to maneuver about. Some boxes just feature a handle to pick up and carry off, while others have a more versatile design that can allow you to carry it over your shoulder. Regardless, the handle or shoulder strap should be comfortable and durable.

Many boxes and bags feature molded bottoms with slip-resistance added. This helps keep your bag securely in place wherever you set it down.

Additional Features to Look For

A quality tackle box should, undoubtedly, feature waterproof capabilities. Things will get wet, but you don’t want your gear messing up. Many tackle boxes not only have waterproof features in its material, but also have molded bottoms that help keep the gear inside the bottom of the bag dry.

Tackle boxes should also feature durability to withstand various weather conditions. Anything could happen while fishing, so it helps to have a tackle box that withstands harsh conditions.

More on the topic of how durable a tackle box is, it helps to find one with high-quality material that’s resistant to abrasions. Boxes that lack any zipper compartments usually don’t have to worry about the likes of rust. However, if your tackle box of choice does have zippers, be sure they’re designed well to withstand corroding under the various environmental conditions they’ll go through.

Reviews of the Best Saltwater Tackle Boxes

Plano Z-Series Size Bag

The Plano Z-Series Size Bag features a zipper-less design which eliminates the chance of any corrosion or rust forming, thus ruining the bag over time. Instead, the bag has a gusseted top that closes securely using buckles. Though this does provide some small seams where water can penetrate the bag, the bag itself is made from high-quality waterproof material to protect it.

Additionally, the bottom features a hard plastic mold rather than soft material. This adds another good layer of protection so that your tackle will be kept nice and dry. The base also has rubberized strips attached. Using these strips stops you from having to chase the bag around as it keeps it firmly in place on the floor of your boat.

As for storage, the bag features front and back mesh pockets that use Velcro closures. There are also storage compartments on the side. Alongside the storage pockets, the bag comes with five 3650 stowaway boxes.


  • There is an optimal amount of storage pockets
  • Outside bottom of the bag is made from a hard plastic mold to keep tackle dry inside
  • Fabric features the use of waterproof material


  • There are some seams where water may accidentally seep through

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KastKing Fishing Tackle Bags

KastKing Fishing Tackle Bags are built to last thanks to being made with rip-stop nylon. This nylon is also treated with an outer hydrophobic coating in addition to having a coating of PVC layer inside. The treatment, alongside the molded bottom being waterproof, prevents water from intruding inside the bag. In addition, it also allows the bag to hold up to harsh conditions.

More on the outside of the bag, the bottom features tacky material. This material helps keep it rooted to the spot rather than sliding around. It is even designed to stay in place while you carry it thanks to the Neo-grip shoulder strap. Even the smaller straps are made from abrasion-resistant SBR material.

For your pockets, the main compartment in the bag is capable of holding numerous of tackle trays on top of whatever other gear you need. There are mesh pockets as well that are also rubber coated. Along with that, there are zippered and slip pockets. This all helps you gain access to your tools quickly so you can better grab what you need on-the-go.


  • Made from sturdy rip-stop nylon material that’s 100% waterproof
  • Features an easy-to-carry design so you can carry it in various ways
  • Plenty of storage space to carry both tackle and tools


  • Does not include any tackle trays

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Plano Guide Series 3600 Size Bag

The Plano Guide Series 3600 Size Bag is a unique bag that provides versatile storage option. There are four easy-to-use slip pockets as well as three exterior zipper pockets. On top of that, the bag has six 3560 stowaways plus one on the lid. If you need something slimmer, the side pockets can even collapse.

More storage can be found with the tool holders on each of the side pockets. All of this provides not just enough room for whatever you need on your fishing trip, but also allows you to better organize your gear so it’s easily accessible. This is further helped by the attachment points throughout that hold onto your accessories.

For safety and longevity of the bag, on the base is an over-molded rubber surface. The corners have grips as well to hold the bag in place on any surface from marine carpet to a fiberglass deck. To ensure that your items don’t get wet even if the ground is wet, the base of the bag is noticeably though slightly elevated.


  • Good size so that it has enough storage without wasting any space
  • Offers flexible storage options to give you versatility in how you pack
  • Base is designed to elevate the bag to help keep it dry


  • Plastic does not appear to be as durable as it should be

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Spiderwire Wolf Tackle Bag

Spiderwire Wolf Tackle Bag is designed with every fisherman in mind as it’s intended to work well no matter what style of fishing you undertake. For starters, it has an all-weather molded bottom that also features a PVC backing. This increases its reliability under various environmental conditions. Its polyester construction also grants it greater protection.

To further make sure this holds up to your fishing trip, it’s designed waterproof as well as skid-resistant thanks to the molded base. This also helps the bag keep its shape and stop it from sagging even if it’s empty.

The bag comes in handy if storage and organization is a concern. Inside, there are adjustable dividers so you can better organize your gear for quick access. Outside the bag are two front pockets that also feature fishing organizers. There is even a large rubberized mesh back pocket on the outside of the bag. The bag has enough room altogether to hold four large tackle boxes, which are included with the bag.


  • Easy to pack up and access smaller accessories
  • Main compartment manages to hold its shape even if trays are removed
  • Features removable fishing line dispensers on either side of the bag


  • Tackle trays don’t seem high in quality and have issues closing flat enough

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Plano 7771-01 Guide Series Tackle System

With the Plano 7771-01 Guide Series Tackle System, you can just about pack up most of your gear and keep everything in its proper place to get to it faster. It has a huge bulk storage area that can hold all you need from hooks, to lures, and tools such as your knives. There is even a top clear storage area for extra gear that’s readily available.

The box is intended to come with dividers so that organization is easier. It has three removable bait racks that all have separate access points. In addition to that, the box comes with four 2-3701 utility boxes.

As for how this holds up, the box does features a heavy-duty design that feels reliable when you carry it. On the notion of carrying it around, it also has an over-molded handle that can make carting this around a simpler task. If anything does happen, purchasing the box does grant you a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Heavy-duty, long-lasting design that can withstand frequent use
  • Clasps on the individual boxes appear well-secured
  • Design allows for quality organizational capabilities


  • Top clear cover may have issues with properly closing

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Out of the five products we reviewed, we feel the KastKing Fishing Tackle Bag is the best saltwater tackle box. It has a design that makes for easier carrying so you don’t just have to use it on a boat. The bag is also treated with quality materials and coating for both durability and to add a good deal of waterproof properties to it.

The bag has all you need for a tackle box from numerous of storage options to slip-resistance. It’s an all around quality bag that should get you through various fishing seasons. If you have any thoughts about the products we reviewed as well as our top choice, feel free to share them with us.

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